The farmhouse

The building measures 400 square metres, on three floors, in the centre of the village. The oldest part of the building was present on the local cadastre maps in 1700, while the main body was built in the early 1800s. The house is surrounded by 1 hectar of land; it was at the heart of a rural community and still today -or so our guests have told us- you can breathe its special charm. The guests have many spaces to use, such as the library, the dining room, the portico and the garden. The entire building is available for short-term rental for tourist use.

The rooms

There are three rooms for guests, each one with an exclusive bathroom.


Enrichetta is a room that families will love, very light and with plenty of space for additional beds. 

Teresa is the old master bedroom, airy and elegant.

Caterina is the most private and intimate room, tucked away and separate from the rest of the house.